Title says it all. From cool pictures to my favorite celebs, this Tumblr is my online life. My lastest addiction : Suits. I ship therefor i am. #marvey


Writing NC-17 Slash Fanfic


Random visitor to my apartment: “And what are you so busy writing?”


Me: “Ahem, who - me?… Nothing special?”



Ever read this one fic where you are like:

"I’m going to hell. I am going to hell for this, it doesn’t matter what religion I am. I am going to the deepest darkest pit in hell."

And you just keep on reading because you love it.




What’s the difference between america and yogurt?

If u leave yogurt alone for 200 years it will develop a culture

this was like the sickest burn I’ve ever seen

Shots were fired.

I had a meeting with clients this morning and one of the men in the room had the EXACT same mouth as Gabriel Macht and I got reaallllyyy distracted everytime he was speaking. At one point I must have been staring because he smiled and raised an eyebrow. I spent the remaining of the meeting looking down at my iPad. He wasn’t particularly young or even attractive but that mouth !!!!! What was supposed to be the most boring client meeting ever turned out just fine haha Just thought I’d share :)